Robinson Crusoe

Danijel Defo

Original, Novi naslovi, Akcija 3 za 1399

“Fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than danger itself.”

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“Fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than danger itself.”

Robinson Crusoe, often called the first English novel, was written by Daniel Defoe and published in 1719. The novel is the tale of one man’s survival on a desert island following a shipwreck. At the time of publishing, the book didn’t carry Defoe’s name, and it was offered to the public as a true account of real events, documented by a real man named Crusoe. But readers were immediately sceptical.

Alone on a desert island, Crusoe manages to survive thanks to his pluck and pragmatism. He keeps himself sane by keeping a diary, manages to build himself a shelter, and finds a way of salvaging useful goods from the wrecked ship. Twelve years pass in this way, until one momentous day, Crusoe finds a single human footprint in the sand.

  • ISBN: 9788660362256
  • Broj strana: 312
  • Pismo: Latinica
  • Povez: Mek
  • Format: 20x14
  • Godina izdanja: 2023

Danijel Defo
Daniel Defoe (c.1660-1731), one of the most famous writers in English literature, was born in London, the son of James Foe, a butcher. It was Daniel who changed his name to De Foe or Defoe in about 1705. He was interested in politics and opposed King James II. After the Glorious Revolution in 1688 and William III was on the throne, Defoe became one of his personal friends. He became a writer for the government and a satircal writer on various social issues of the time. He turned to full time writing after hearing the inspirational story of a sailor who was rescued after living alone on a desert island in the Pacific, the result being his first novel Robinson Crusoe. Several other adventure stories followed, including Moll Flanders.